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Translating Olympic or sports-related documents is not easy.

Allow me to quote SLOC2002's final report:

"With 15 sports and 78 events, the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games represented a major challenge to professional translators. In addition to the large number of different sports – each a different topic in itself – the texts to be translated ranged from legal to medical to radio frequency to security to pharmaceutical, and many more different subjects. It is commonly accepted that it takes a minimum of five years to make a professional translator.

It takes another 5+ years to make a competent Olympic translator. This additional time is necessary to acquire the various vocabularies, lingoes, and especially the knowledge and concepts without which one cannot translate correctly."

I know from experience that it is of the utmost importance that your translated documents be flawless.

Now flawlessness will only be achieved if it is done by the most qualified and experienced olympic translator.

In total, the Olympic Games program includes 40 sports and 400 events!

There is no need, and no time, to reinvent the wheel when experienced help is readily available!


Barcelona - 1992 Olympic Games

Montpellier - 1993 Mediterranean Games

Gibraltar - 1994 FIBA’s European conference

Biarritz - 1995, 40th permanent conference of FIBA

Monaco - 1995, Conference of Association of Summer Olympic International Federations

Paris - 1998, FIFA World Cup

Marseilles - 1998, FIFA World Cup

Salt Lake City - 2001, IOC Press Commission

Salt Lake City - 2001, Chef de Mission Seminar

Las Vegas - 2002, Nike Super Show 2002

Los Angeles - 2003, 3rd FIFA Women’s football Symposium

Athens - 2004 Olympic Games

France - 2005 Tour de France

Hong Kong - 2006, FIBA Central Board meeting

Tokyo - 2006, FIBA World Congress

France - 2006 Tour de France

Sochi - 2007, IOC’s Evaluation Commission visit

San Francisco - 2007, Annual International Convention of International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association

France - 2007 Tour de France

Portland - Nike’s 2007 Hood to Coast runners’ summit

Chicago - 2007, AIBA Executive Committee meeting & Extraordinary Congress

Chicago - 2007, FIBA Centra Board Meeting

San Diego - 2008, Annual International Convention of International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association

Beijing - 2008, IOC’s coordination commission meeting

France - 2008 Tour de France

Vancouver - 2010 IOC/VANOC/chefs de mission meetings

Shenzhen - 2010 FISU Executive Committee Meeting

Shenzhen - 2011 Head of delegations meeting

Shenzhen - 2011, 26th Universiade

Innsbruck - 2011, Chef de Mission Seminar

Innsbruck - 2011 Youth Olympic Games

Beijing - 2011, 14th World Conference on Sport for All

Beijing - 2011, Meeting of IOC Sport for All Commission

London - 2012 Olympic Games

Sochi - 2014 Olympic Games

Rio - 2016 Olympic Games

PyeongChang - 2018 Olympic Games

TRANSLATION (in house)

Atlanta - 1996 Olympic Games - Senior Translator and Terminologist

Sydney - 2000 Olympic Games - Senior Translator (position turned down eventually)

Salt Lake City - 2002 Olympic Games - Translation Manager

Beijing - 2008 Olympic Games - French Translation Manager

Vancouver - 2010 Olympic Games - NOC Services translation and interpretation specialist

TRANSLATION (free lance)

Salzburg - 2002/2003, Salzburg’s Olympic bid book for the 2010 Winter Games

New York - 2004/2005, NYC’s Olympic bid book for the 2012 Summer Games and website

Torino - 2003/2006, major documents intended for the IOC (Chef de Mission manual, etc.)

Lausanne - 2005, part of the IOC’s Winter Games website

Alma Ata - 2005, documents for olympic bid (2010 Winter Games)

Geneva - 2006, FIBA’s General Statutes and other documents

Lausanne - 2006, 3 IOC Technical Manuals (on Planning, Coordination, and Management of Olympic Games, on Medical Services, on Olympic Village

Sochi - 2006/2007, Sochi’s Olympic bid book for the 2014 Winter Games

Geneva - 2007, FIBA’s Internal Regulations

Evian - 2007, Evian Masters 2007 Book

Lausanne - 2007, IOC Games Management Handbook, IOC Medical Commission Position Stand on the Female Athlete Triad

Guatemala City - 2007, Sochi’s bid during 119th IOC session

Moscow - 2007, Moscow’s bid for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Beijing - 2007, consultant/trainer with the Beijing Olympic Committe for the Olympic Games

Lausanne - 2007, IOC Technical Manual on NOC Services

Switzerland - 2008, documents for UEFA Euro2008

Doha - 2008, application file and website

Chicago - 2008, application file

Vancouver -2008, VANOC Chef de Mission dossier, and subsequent NOC/NPC documents

Chicago - 2008, Chicago’s Olympic bid book for the 2016 Summer Games, and subsequent documents and brochures

Far Hills - 2009, Golf and the Olympic Games

Guadalajara - 2009, Guadalajara’s bid for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games

Moscow - 2009, Russia’s bid for the the 2018/2022 Football World Cups

Doha - 2009, Qatar’s bid for the 2022 Football World Cup

Munich - 2010, applicant city book

Alexandria - 2010, 2017 Mediterranean Games bid book

Munich - 2011, Munich’s Olympic bid book for the 2018 Winter Games, and subsequent documents and brochures

PyeongChang - 2011, PyeongChang’s Olympic bid book for the 2018 Winter Games, subsequent documents and brochures, website

Rome - Rome 2020 applicant city book

Sochi - 2014, Media guides (for the opening and closing ceremonies), Broadcaster guide

Almaty - 2014, Almaty 2022 applicant city book

Nanjing - 2014, miscellaneous documents

Beijing - 2014, Beijing 2022’s Olympic bid book for the 2022 Winter Games

Beijing - 2015, all files and speeches for Beijing 2022’s final presentation to the IOC on host city election day

Los Angeles - LA 2024’s Olympic bid book for the 2024 Olympic Games

PyeongChang - 2018’s Chef de Mission dossier, and subsequent NOC documents, speeches and guides for the ceremonies

Chief Expert of the Expert Group for the Olympic Winter Games Term Portal Program at Beijing Language and Culture University


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